In this short documentary presented by MINDIA, we delve into the incredible story of Sudhanshu Mani, the visionary behind India’s Vande Bharat Express. With a 38-year career in the Indian Railways, Sudhanshu’s passion for innovation led him to transform his dream into reality.

As General Manager at the Integrated Coach Factory, Chennai, Sudhanshu conceived the idea of a cost-effective, self-propelled train that could reach speeds of 180 km/h. In the face of plans to import semi-high-speed trains, he proposed an indigenous alternative that could match the imported trains in speed, quality, and affordability.

Supported by a team of 50 railway engineers and 500 factory workers, Sudhanshu embarked on an ambitious mission to design and prepare the Vande Bharat Express prototype in a record-breaking 18 months. Overcoming challenges such as integrating the engine beneath the bogies for faster acceleration, the team showcased their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. Originally known as Train 18, the Vande Bharat Express proved its worth during trials between Gandhinagar and Mumbai, outperforming even the bullet train by a staggering 52 seconds. This achievement marked the realization of Sudhanshu Mani’s dream to create a semi-high-speed train without a conventional engine.

In recognition of its significance and Sudhanshu’s unwavering dedication, the train was later renamed Vande Bharat Express, paying homage to India’s rich heritage. Sudhanshu Mani is rightfully hailed as the father of Vande Bharat trains in India, leaving a profound impact on the country’s railway development.

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