In this captivating video, we delve into the fascinating art of Paitkar, a cherished cultural gem from the quaint village of Amadubi, Jharkhand. Paitkar, derived from the local term “Patekar,” gains fame for its mesmerizing narrative tradition and enthralling performances, rooted in the socio-religious customs of the region, paying homage to the talented Pata artists.

These intricate paintings beautifully reflect the tapestry of day-to-day life, myths, and legendary tales that shape the vibrant society of the region. The skilled Paitkat artists showcase their dedication to preserving tradition by working their magic with laboriously prepared, all-natural colours crafted from leaves, stones, and soil, despite their easy availability.

Paitkar comes to life through the power of storytelling, and the scroll paintings are always accompanied by engaging narrations, often in the form of soulful singing.

Witness the rich living tradition of Paitkar in Jharkhand, a heritage that breathes life into cultural roots.

However, this cherished art form faces the threat of extinction due to the lack of patronage and exploration. By sharing this insightful video and spreading awareness, we can play a vital role in reviving the fading splendour of Paitkar.

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