Meet Sunil Narayana, a man who refused to cut down a mango tree in his plot to make way for his dream home Instead, he built his house around the tree, and now the tree resides in the center of his home! Sunil’s decision to befriend the mango tree rather than destroy it is a testament to his love for nature and his commitment to preserving the environment! His unique house is not only a beautiful example of sustainable living but also a symbol of the harmony that can exist between humans and the natural world In this film, we’ll get an inside look at Sunil’s house and learn more about his motivation for building his home in such an unconventional way This film is perfect for anyone interested in sustainable living, architecture, or just looking for some inspiration to live more harmoniously with the natural world. Join us on this journey with Sunil as we explore his amazing house built around a mango tree.

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