This documentary highlights the contributions of Rao Bahadur H.C Javaraya to the horticulture industry in India and the erstwhile Mysore state Javaraya came from a family of distinguished individuals and succeeded G.H.Krumbiegel as the Superintendent of Government Gardens and the Director of Horticulture when Krumbiegel was interned Javaraya was responsible for improving Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Cubbon Park, Nandi Hills, the Fruit Research Stations at Hessaraghatta and Maddur, the Royal Fruit Orchard ‘Madhuvana’ , and the popular Brindavan Gardens at the Krishnaraja Sagar dam He valued craftsmanship and aesthetics and introduced many creative additions such as the Eastern wing of the Glasshouse, the water cascade in Lalbagh, and the transplantation of a lantern-shaped granite guard watchtower at Basavanagudi gate in Lalbagh Javaraya also introduced concepts like “tree surgery,” and he founded the Maddur Fruit Orchard, the Ganjam Fig garden, and the Government Fruit Research Station in Hessaraghatta. He played a significant role in transforming the landscape of Bangalore and Mysore and fulfilling the public vision of Mysore as a modern state.

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