“The food which is dear to each is threefold. Near the distinctions of these. The foods which increase vitality, energy, vigour, health and joy and which are delicious, bland, substantial and agreeable are dear to the pure. The passionate desire foods that are bitter, sour, saline, excessively hot, pungent, Dry and burning and which produce pain, grief and disease. The food which is stable, tasteless, putrid, and Rotten leanings and impure is dear to the Tamasic.” (Bhagvad – Gita Ch XVII – 89,10) 

The yogic diet is founded on the yoga precepts of balance, nonviolence (ahimsa), and purity (sattva), among others. It comprises of sattvic-quality foods that give you more energy and bring about mental and physical equilibrium. Rajasic and Tamasic foods should be consumed in moderation or avoided altogether whenever feasible because of their low life force vibration and intrinsic toxins, which lower one’s vitality after consuming them. As one of the fundamental tenets of yoga is to not cause harm to any living thing, yogis advocate for a vegetarian or vegan diet. With careful planning, this is a pure diet that promotes optimum health and a calm mind in charge of a healthy body.


Health, vigour, strength, and relaxation are all promoted by sattvic foods since they are pure and life-giving. Fresh fruit and juices, vegetables and herbs, honey, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are some examples. All of these things should be naturally grown, sourced locally, unprocessed, and additive- and preservative-free. These meals digest easily. Eating slowly, thoroughly chewing each bite, and doing so is seen as sattvic.


Rajasic foods stimulate excessively and encourage excessive energy. They make people irritable, angry, hyperactive, and mentally restless. These are spicy, sour, bitter, dry, and salty and consist of meat, seafood, coffee, black tea, sweets, chocolate, food additives/colorings, and some spices. Eating quickly is also regarded as rajasic.


A tamasic diet has no positive effects on the body or the mind. This category consists of foods that are over-cultivated, packed, preserved, deep-fried, and stale. Foods high in tamasic acids might be hard to digest, leave you feeling bloated, and promote fatigue. The immune system of the body is weak. Overeating is regarded as tamasic as well.

Body is considered a home to the soul. So one must take great care of it. One should be mindful of what they consume and food shouldn’t be an enjoyable fuel for our bodies. A yogic diet not only helps in improving digestion but also helps in boosting metabolism, removes toxins, aids weight loss. One should this incorporate an yogic diet to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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