Mangoes, first frown in India 5000 years ago, the king of fruits is still as much liked as it was then. In fact even more. Over 1000 varieties of mangoes exist. It’s the national fruit of our nation. India provides over 15million mangoes annually. It’s not only known for its heavenly taste but for the enriching benefits with commending nutritional profile. Some polyphenols found in the fruit might even lower the risk of certain cancers.
In the age of technology where just sitting in the comfort of one’s room, behind a screen can simply order a basket of the fruit without physically going anywhere. But this has reduced the practice of relishing it’s juicy flesh right off the tree. But a lucky few make their way to get to the freshest possible fruit all the way to Karnataka state mango development and marketing corporation limited. Established under the companies act 1956 on 19 January 2011, with the prime objective to facilitate mango growers for quality mango production, better post – harvest management, direct marketing, export and processing. The Corporation has launched an initiative to help Karnataka’s mango growers produce quality fruits using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and market the fruits directly to consumers through this online portal at
in the registered trade mark “karsiri mangoes” brand at reasonable or affordable cost in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Fresh mango exports from Karnataka as well as the pulping business have higher potential because to the mangoes’ good flavour, colour, and texture. The produce’s pesticide residue levels (MRL) are completely free of calcium carbide and considerably below the allowable limits. With the aid of ethylene, which is completely safe, these mangoes are allowed to ripen. Through this online store, customers will have the option to purchase high-quality mangoes. The consumer would receive naturally ripened, carbide-free, undamaged, fresh mangoes since they were being sold by the farmer directly from the orchard. The customer can purchase/select unripe or ripened mangoes of the following kinds using this online marketing/shopping portal: Alphonso/Badami/Apus, Neelum, Dashehari, Kesar, Beneshan, Tothapuri, Malgova, Mallika, Raspuri, Sendhura and many more. Through this online mango portal, you may order and buy directly from the producers to your door. Everyone is invited to participate in the project to support farmers and purchase excellent
mangoes from Global GAP-certified and carefully tended plantations.

The Bangalore, India-based Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation Ltd. Owns the Karsiri portal.

“You can immediately make out what you buy in the shop is not really natural. Maybe they use chemicals or just that it’s been there for sometimes but here you just feel it’s fresh”, says a mango enthusiast who visited the orchard.While Another on exclaims,”Inside the orchard, it was very nice looking at the mangoes, different sizes and shapes and also it was an amazing experience plucking from the tree directly”

Apart from enjoying the entire experience of eating the fresh ripened fruit right off the tree, one also gets to learn the entire process of mango cultivation straight from the farmers, an opportunity to build a channel of communication with their consumers to better understand the market in a time when freshness can only be
second-guessed by the print on the label. It surely is an experience of its own.

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