Saree, also known as “Sari,” is a popular item now, yet it was once just a modest drape worn by ladies thousands of years ago. The Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in northwestern India between 2800 and 1800 BC, is where the drape or clothing like the sari first appeared. The length, which is typically between 3.5 and 9 yards, can be worn in a variety of ways that highlight its beauty and adaptability. It represents the history, culture, and identity of a Desi woman.
For the longest time women had been confined to the four walls of the kitchen and size yards of saree. But in this modern age, it’s time to break the stereotype. All this symbolism of kitchen or saree being a confinement or as they used to say in Victorian age, “the Angel in the room” is no more accepted. Women are seeking liberty in so many various ways. This being one of them. Seeing some 300 people run on the road, in saree is quite a spectacle in itself, something Never seen before. The idea behind is to solidify the fact that anybody can run regardless of what they are wearing or what gender they are. Women have always been bound be it their professional or personal life, but it’s time to break that loop. So women came from all sects in sarees to put their physical health and well being forward. A great innovative initiative that needs to be highly appreciated and take part in.
The goal of The event is to raise awareness and inspire women to overcome the stigma associated with conventional dress and physical fitness. According to the organisers, the goal is to close the gap between their social responsibilities and personal needs for fitness and self-empowerment.
The coach of Jayanagar Jaguar, Pramod Deshpande says that Nothing can stop ladies, so saree also can’t from getting them into fitness. He said that he started with 20 ladies at the inception but now it’s rapidly growing and is getting bigger and bigger. Nearly 40% of his runners are ladies, which he take immense pride in.
Being an Indian Women, it’s a matter of identity more than health. So this new change and plethora of perspectives churning into this small initiative makes the
heart swell with Pride.
These yards of strength bring together women who share a similar sentiment in order to celebrate their individual attitudes of strength and to commemorate the beginning of a fitter tomorrow. So when the next time make sure to put on your best attire and come and run with the others and feel the Indian in you in a different light.

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