In the heart of 19th-century India, amidst rigid social norms, emerged a revolutionary figure: Savitribai Phule. This documentary delves into her remarkable journey, from defying child marriage to becoming India’s first female teacher, and her unwavering fight for education, equality, and women’s rights. ✊

Witness her courage:

Facing hostility for opening India’s first girls’ school alongside her husband, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule.

Establishing shelters for widows and abandoned women, challenging oppressive customs like widowhood shaving.

Spearheading the fight against infanticide and advocating for social reforms through the #satyashodhak samaj. ⚖️

Her legacy continues to inspire:

Remembered as the “Mother of Indian Feminism,” her tireless efforts paved the way for generations of women.

Discover how her life and work continue to resonate in the fight for social justice today.

Watch this powerful documentary and be ignited by the spirit of Savitribai Phule!

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