This is Bidadi – a beautiful and scenic part of Karnataka in India, that was once famous for grape cultivation and poultry farming! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or should we say, an agriculturist to know that clean water, is one of the primary requirements for life. And this very basic necessity was scarce Imagine not having clean water for farming, for consumption, for cleaning – we are talking water, so you can only imagine the number of ways it is useful to us. Imagine your only source of water, being so unfit, that you can hardly use it! Sounds dramatic? Well, it might, but it was the reality of the farmers here Recognizing the Lake’s significance for the town and its nearby communities, Bosch initiated immediate restoration activities in late 2017! These included key activities like construction of cattle trough outside the tank area, desilting, bund strengthening, shrub clearance, treatment along catchment area, and formation of walking paths, construction of drains, barbed wire fencing, chain link fencing, and plantation among others The idea behind initiating the project was a part of Bosch’s commitment to preserving biodiversity and working towards the sustainability of the communities it operates in and around. Bosch’s values that include responsibility towards society and environmental sustainability, propelled this initiative further. The company held discussions with the Panchayat development officers regarding the activities and also discussed them with the community members before proceeding The rejuvenated lake will not only benefit the local population for domestic utilities but also lead to recharging of groundwater table and restoring the microenvironment in the surrounding areas.

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