Embark on a journey through the regal city of Mysuru, steeped in centuries of royalty, culture, and art! 

Discover the ancient art of Rosewood inlay, a cherished practice in and around Mysore that has long been embraced by the Maharajas. The meticulous craftsmanship of Rosewood inlay reflects a marvellous refinement, where dedicated artisans carefully etch intricate designs onto smoothed Rosewood surfaces, depicting captivating stories of the past.

Delve into the historical roots of this craft, originating from Persia and flourishing in Srirangapatna during the 18th century. The Wodeyars of Mysore were avid supporters of this art form, as evidenced by the stunning Mausoleum door at Srirangapatna and Amba Vilas doors at the Mysore Palace, crafted by skilled artisans under their patronage.

Explore the intricate process of the art, from drawing detailed designs on paper to tracing them onto wood, cutting them into shape, and proper seasoning. The designs, portraying themes of local life, wildlife, mythology, religion, and nature, are then meticulously set in grooves carved into rosewood, with each piece telling a unique story.

In its original form, designs were crafted on ivory, but in adherence to the ivory ban, white and beige plastic is now used. The final touches involve decoration with colour, chiselling, and filling portions with charcoal, followed by a radiant finish using beeswax or polish.

Benefiting from the abundance of rosewood in the region, artists seamlessly sourced and created these unique pieces that found a place in royal palaces, Dasara festivities, and the hearts of the people. 

From the iconic Rosewood Elephant to Pooja Doors, Partition Screens, Jhoola sofa sets, Deevan, and wall hangings, witness the beauty of Rosewood inlay in a variety of stunning products.

In 2005, this extraordinary art form received the prestigious Geographical Indication tag under the GI Act, 1999 from the Government of India, recognizing its historic representation of the area, people, and rich history.

Today, these masterpieces serve as timeless reminders of a unique technique passed down through generations of artists—a perfect gift or souvenir for those wanting to carry a piece of Mysuru’s rich heritage with them. 

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