Sathya Gowthaman is a Contemporary Realist Artist based in Singapore. Although an Agricultural Engineer by qualification from Coimbatore -India, Sathya was very passionate abt Art and had a natural affinity towards Archeology from an early age.  Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India, which is known for its ancient temples and architecture, Sathya grew up in awe of the architecture of the Dravidian Temples and their beautiful sculptures. This fascination built over time and coupled with her passion for art , turned into a drive to bring awareness to the lost sculptures of the Chola period through her series “ Sculptures on Canvas”. Sathya paintings are a very unique kind of Artwork. She brings in 3D effects on her subjects which are the sculptures through multiple layers of paint. Inspired by the Chola sculptures, which have been smuggled out of India are currently in many museums across the world, Sathya gives us a chance to appreciate our heritage and hopes to bring in awareness on the importance of preserving our inheritance through her Paintings. The textures in the background add an element of intrigue to her works.  Sathya has exhibited her Artworks in International Art fairs like Affordable Art Fair, Art Stage, India Art Fair, and many other exhibitions since 2016 and her works are part of many private collections across the globe.

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