India faces a deepening water crisis, but there’s hope from an unlikely source: ancient open wells.

Civil engineer Vishwanath explains how reviving these traditional structures and forgotten rainwater harvesting techniques can be a climate-resilient and sustainable solution.

In this video, you’ll learn:

How open wells act as natural groundwater sensors, revealing water levels and quality in real-time.

The importance of clean recharge zones for healthy wells and a thriving ecosystem.

The impact of Bangalore’s innovative Million Wells Program on urban flooding and water security.

How traditional well-digging communities are key partners in this water revolution.

Why water literacy is essential for solving India’s water crisis and building a sustainable future.

This video is perfect for you if:

You’re concerned about global water scarcity and seeking sustainable solutions.

You’re curious about the power of ancient wisdom in addressing modern challenges.

You want to learn how communities can come together to tackle water insecurity.

Join Vishwanath on a journey to rediscover the power of open wells and secure India’s water future!

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