In this short documentary, we’re taking you on a captivating journey through the exquisite Hoysala temples of Karnataka, located in the picturesque regions of Belur and Halebidu. These architectural marvels have recently earned their well-deserved spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list as the ‘Sacred Ensembles of the Hoysala’.

These temples have been on UNESCO’s radar since April 2014, and their nomination for World Heritage status in 2022-23 was officially confirmed in January 2022. Dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, these temples stand as living testaments to the unparalleled creativity and skill of the artists and architects of the Hoysala era, who once ruled a significant portion of modern-day Karnataka between the 10th and 14th centuries.

The architects behind these masterpieces drew inspiration from various temple architectural styles, giving birth to the unique and iconic ‘Hoysala Temple’ form that we admire today.

As you explore these temples, you’ll be mesmerized by the hyper-real sculptures and intricate stone carvings that adorn every inch of their architectural surface. You’ll also discover features like a circumambulatory platform, a grand sculptural gallery, a multi-tiered frieze, and sculptures depicting the Sala legend, all of which add to their charm and historical significance.

The timeless beauty and intricate details of the Hoysala temples serve as a living testament to India’s rich cultural heritage and the extraordinary craftsmanship of our ancestors Watch this short documentary on these remarkable temples and let’s dive deep into the history and artistry of the Hoysala Empire.

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