India requires approximately two crore houses to be built by 2030 and much more than that as we move forward
Housing is at the center of our lives and it can have an impact on livelihoods, it can have an impact on education, and on health
So if we are able to improve housing facilities, we can make a multigenerational impact on the well-being of many lives
3D printing’s digital construction technology is the answer to meet the demand for building houses in India over the next 10 years

Breakthrough technologies like the Indian startup Tvasta from IIT Madras , are here to change the construction game and bring in just the kind of innovation the industry needs
Tvasta’s 3D printing digital construction technology can build individualized customized structures very easily in a few weeks

Building a house in a few weeks may sound surprising to some, but when you can “print a house”, the possibilities are endless

Tvasta partnered with Habitat for Humanity ​, to take their technology to more people across the country
They say technology is best when it brings people together and when people with similar goals partner, it’s bound to create magic
With Habitat facilitating the introductions, Tvasta was contracted through Military Engineering Services to make two guest rooms within the Indian Air Force premises
It is always intriguing to see the impact a company can create, or an institution can create and add value to the system by doing technological development
Tvasta’s innovative green technology is sure to change the way homes and other structures are built

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